Siraf Refineries Complex

In 2014, Petroleum Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran planned to develop a complex known as “Siraf Refining Park” which will be located in Iranian Coast of the Persian Gulf at the Tombak Region (50 km West of Assaluyeh). Condensate will be mainly supplied from existing gas refineries in mentioned region. This complex is one of the world’s largest projects and includes eight condensate refineries.

Siraf Condensate Refinery Complex will be completely implemented by the private sector and aims to prevent further sales of crude in favor of selling the end products. Eight condensate refineries will be built in Siraf region of Bushehr province, between phases 13 and 19 of South Pars gas field over an area of about 280 hectares. The complex includes eight condensate refineries with total capacity of 480,000 bpd which will produce a daily total of 22,040 barrels of LPG, 115,616 barrels of light naphtha, 191,504 barrels of heavy naphtha, 33,200 barrels of kerosene, and 106,528 barrels of diesel.

Siraf is one of the oldest main ports in Iran and the Middle East , and was the site of large ships mooring.